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Universal disc for angle grinders

Used for:




Artificial coal tar pitch


Soft materials

This innovative Croatian product for cutting soft materials such as wood, plastic, rubber etc. by removing particles is used with hand rotation angle grinders. The disc used with an angle grinder enables you to cut soft materials such as wood, plastics, rubber etc. in a simple way by removing particles. Its construction makes it possible to remove a larger volume, compared to other rotation discs or sandpaper. Its simple installation and use do not require special skills or knowledge.

Present-day technology

The well-known blades used with angle grinders, such as grinding discs and sandpaper, have certain disadvantages. When cutting soft materials such as wood or plastics with a grinding disc or sandpaper, the removed particles fill the space between the cutting grains, which affects the efficiency of work, increases the friction between the tool and the material, as well as the temperature of the surface you are working on. The filled grinding disc leads to the burned surface and prevents you from further work. The soft material does not allow for the self-sharpening of the blade. A similar problem will appear when using the sandpaper as, except for the above mentioned, it will quickly wear out.

The aim of Rotation Discs is to widen the range of tools for cutting soft materials by removing particles. Compared to the known blades for angle grinders, the rotation disc makes the cutting of soft materials more efficient with respect to the amount of removed particles in a time unit. The rotation disc can be easily installed by tightening it on its shaft with the original tightening plate and nut. The kinematics necessary for cutting is achieved by changing the rotation on the grinder between 1.500 and 11.000 rpm.


ROTATION DISC is made of steel tin, it is 0.7 mm thick and has been thermo-chemically processed. The blades on the working surface of the disc remove the particles and cut. A hole for letting out the removed particles is placed below each line of blades, which prevents the filling of the disc’s working area and enables a continuous cutting.

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The size of the removed particles depends on the pressure of the tool against the surface and is limited by the size of the blades on the disc. The ROTATION GRINDING DISC comes with an angle or rounded surface. The angle one is more suitable for flat and slanted surfaces, while the rounded one is ideal for working on edges, round surfaces etc.


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