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About us

ROTO Kruna d.o.o. for production and services was founded at the end of 2007, following the success at the 32nd International Innovation Fair INOVA 2007, held from November 7th to 11th, 2007 in Zagreb, where the innovative Croatian product "Roto rasp" was publicly and professionally presented for the first time. It is a universal tool for hand-held rotating angle grinders used for processing wood, rubber, plastic, synthetic resins, Styrofoam and other soft materials.

ROTO Kruna d.o.o. began operating on January 1, 2008, and its main task is the production of its own innovative products, namely the "Roto rasp," and later, new innovations such as the "Belt rasp" and "Handheld construction rasp." In addition to production, the company's goal is to place its products on the EU and global markets.

ROTO Kruna d.o.o. is a family-owned company founded by the innovators Ivan, Roman, and Tomislav Krunić.

For its work and efforts, ROTO Kruna d.o.o. has been awarded the "Excellence Certificate" every year and was awarded the "European Business Awards" 2015/2016 as the Croatian national champion in the European competition of business entities.

Roman Krunić, the director of ROTO Kruna d.o.o., was included in the Golden Book of the most successful managers in Croatia in 2012.

ROTO Kruna d.o.o. is among the top 10% of the best companies and businesses in Croatia based on a combined list of various criteria, among which the most important is the value created.

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