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Roto rasp ø125 x ø22.2 mm grinding blades 1.5 mm (fine blade)

– 1.5 mm (green) – universal tool, designed for a manual angle grinder with a diameter of 125 mm. Grinding blades of 1.5 mm are used for fine processing.

Instructions for use: HR, ENG, DE

16,00  ( 120,55 HRK)

"Roto rasp" is a universal tool for manual rotary angle grinders intended for processing wood, plastic, tires, artificial resins and other "soft" materials, including copper and aluminum. Due to its construction, it is possible to remove a larger volume of material compared to sanding plates or sanding paper, and its service life is several tens of times longer than, for example, a plate with lamellar sanding papers. Thus, higher work speed is achieved with less tool consumption. The simplicity of installation and use does not require special professional knowledge and skills. It is mandatory to follow the instructions for use and safety measures at work for your own safety.


Značajke proizvoda

Type sanding disc for wood
Performance Fine blade
Bore 22,22 mm
Promjer brusne ploče 125 mm
Suitable for processing wood/plastic/rubber/artificial resin/styrofoam
Grinding blade size 1,5 mm
Material Steel DC 01-nitrided
Maximum number of revolutions 11.000 o/min
Intended for manual angle grinder - Ø 125 mm
Plate thickness 0,80 mm
Application sanding by separation of particles
Weight 80 g

Product designation                                                                    R-1.5/125-Z

EAN Code                                                                               3859891745043

Weight 0,100 kg
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