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ROTO Kruna d.o.o. offers three types of its innovative tools:

Roto rasp

Roto rasp is an innovative Croatian product, a universal tool for processing soft materials such as wood, plastic, rubber, polystyrene, artificial resins, etc., designed for installation on a hand-held rotating angle grinder.

Due to the tool's construction, Roto rasp can remove a larger volume of shavings than is possible with a grinding disc or sandpaper.

Ease of installation and use does not require special expertise or skills.

State of technology - Known tools that are installed on a hand-held angle grinder such as a grinding disc or sandpaper have certain drawbacks. When processing soft materials such as wood or plastic with a grinding disc or sandpaper, it becomes clogged, i.e., shavings fill the space between the abrasive grains of the grinding disc, which reduces the grinding efficiency, increases the friction between the tool and the workpiece, and thus increases the temperature on the processed surface. With a clogged grinding disc, further processing is impossible, and the surface is "burned", and due to the softness of the workpiece, the sharpening property of the grinding disc does not come to the fore. A similar problem arises when using tools with sandpaper, where, in addition to the above, there is also relatively fast wear of the tool due to its construction.

The aim of "Roto rasp" is to expand the range of tools for processing soft materials by separation of particles. This tool enables processing with greater efficiency in terms of the number of separated particles per unit of time compared to known tools for a hand-held angle grinder.

Advantages of "Roto rasp" - made of 0.75 (ø115) and 0.80 mm (ø125) steel sheet and thermally treated by nitriding.

Particle separation is performed by sprouts on the working surface of the tool, which are also cutting edges, and below each sprout is an opening for removing the separated particles, which prevents the clogging of the working surface of the tool and enables continuous cutting of the edge..

Shapes of "Roto rasp" - the size of the separated particle depends on the pressure of the tool on the processed surface and is limited by the size of the sprout. According to the shape of the working surface, "Roto rasp" is of a rounded shape suitable for processing flat and sloping surfaces, as well as for processing edges, radii, etc.

Handheld construction rasp

"Handheld construction rasp" - an innovative tool for processing wood and soft materials. A tool for professionals and hobbyists. Construction hand rasps are characterized by the ability to work on greasy and wet surfaces because the perforations under the teeth facilitate the removal of shavings and cleaning of the rasp itself. They are extremely lightweight and suitable for transport. The construction hand rasp is available in three versions:

Type A – the classic version of a manual rasp with a flat working surface

Type B - hand rasp with a flat surface and handle located in the middle of the rasp

Type C – classic version with a rounded work surface. Suitable for drilling holes.


Belt rasps have the same blade design as standard Roto rasps but are adapted for use with belt sanders.

Tračna rašpa se proizvodi u tri dimenzije: 533×75 mm, 457×75 i 610×100 mm, sve s oštricom od 2 mm.

The Belt rasp is made of steel sheet and undergoes thermochemical treatment. The main feature of the Belt rasp is that the particles are separated by sprouts on the working surface of the file, which are also the cutting edges, and below each sprout there is an opening for removing the separated particles, preventing the tool's working surface from clogging and enabling continuous cutting of the cutting edge.

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