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With the presentation of their innovation "Roto rasp" at the INOVA 2007 innovation fair, inventors Ivan, Roman, and Tomislav Krunić were awarded a gold medal by an international jury chaired by the President of the Institute for Innovation and Patents from Great Britain. The Croatian Association of Inventors also awarded them the "Nikola Tesla" annual award for the best Croatian innovation of 2007. "Roto rasp", along with this significant recognition as an innovation with great commercial potential, was presented at the most famous international innovation exhibitions, where it won significant awards:

2007 Croatia - Zagreb INOVA 2007 Grand Prix "Nikola Tesla" for the best innovation of the year and a gold medal

2008 Croatia - Zagreb ARCA 2008 ARCA plaque

2008 Serbia - Novi Sad TESLA FEST Bronze medal

2008 Germany - Nuremberg IENA 2008 Gold medal

2008 Romania - Bucharest INVENTIKA 2008 Silver medal

2008 Belgium - Brussels EUREKA 2008 Silver medal

2009 Switzerland - Geneva GENEVA PALEXPO Gold medal

2009 Hungary - Budapest GENIUS-EUROPE Genius medal

2009 Hungary - Budapest GENIUS-EUROPE Genius medal

2010 Croatia – Zagreb SPRING FAIR Award "Valuable hands"

2011 Romania – Bucharest INVENTIKA Gold medal

2011 Poland - Warsaw IWIS Gold medal

2013 UK - London BIS Gold medal and Double gold award for innovation of the year

2014 Romania - Bucharest EUROINVENT Gold and bronze medal

2014 Taiwan - Kaohsiung KIE Gold and silver medal

2014 USA - Pittsburgh INPEX Two gold medals (for the best innovative tool and for technical product design)

2015 USA - Pittsburgh INPEX Gold medal (for the Belt scraper)

2016 Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur MTE Gold medal.

2017 Japan Tokyo Gold medal and "Best International Invention Award"

At the 52nd International Crafts Fair in Zagreb in 2010, we achieved the "Valuable Hands" award from the Ministry of Economy, Labour, and Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Croatia as the best innovation of the fair.


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